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Hackscribble MCP9804 evaluation board

PCB design for small breakout board for MCP9804 digital temperature sensor.

Created on 13 November 2014 by Ray Benitez Last modified on --- by ---

These hardware designs are licensed by Ray Benitez under the Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 4.0 International License. | |

About the hardware

The evaluation board is designed around the MCP9804 in the 8-pin MSOP package. It includes decoupling capacitors for the IC and pull-up resistors for the I2C, address select and alert pins.

Three solder jumpers allow you to set the A0, A1 and A2 I2C address select pins. An open jumper sets the corresponding pin to 0.

Change history

13 November 2014

Release of REVISION A design.