A comprehensive Arduino library for Microchip Technology's MCP9804 I2C digital temperature sensor
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Hackscribble_MCP9804 Library

Comprehensive Arduino library for Microchip Technology's MCP9804 I2C digital temperature sensor.

Created on 13 November 2014 by Ray Benitez Last modified on 9 December 2016 by Ray Benitez

This software is licensed by Ray Benitez under the MIT License.

git@hackscribble.com | http://www.hackscribble.com | http://www.twitter.com/hackscribble

Change history

1.0 (9 December 2016)

Temperature value type

Replaced getTAFloat() with getTA() which returns a float.

Added variants of setTUPPER(), setTLOWER() and setTCRIT() methods that take a float argument instead of int8_t and return success or failure as boolean.

Changed getTUPPER(), getTLOWER() and getTCRIT() methods to return a float instead of int8_t. Note: the integer versions of these methods are no longer supported.


Added setLockTCRIT(), isLockedTCRIT(), setLockTWINDOW() and isLockedTWINDOW() methods to set and check locks on temperature thresholds.

Changed return type of setTUPPER(), setTLOWER() and setTCRIT() methods from void to boolean to allow reporting of failure to set due to locks being enabled.

Made same change to setHysteresis() and configureAlert() methods.

Added test_locks example program.


Added setMode() and getMode() methods to allow MCP9804 to be put into shutdown mode.

Added test_shutdown example program.


Updated minimal and test example programs.

0.2 (17 October 2016)

Added a variant of configureAlert() that allows the alert output to be disabled as well as enabled, and the alert output parameters to be set.

0.1 BETA (13 November 2014)

Initial beta release.