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Hackscribble CC3000 Mega Mini-Shield

Connects an Adafruit CC3000 WiFi Breakout to an Arduino Mega, leaving many of the Mega's digital and analogue pins unobstructed for you to use.

Created on 16 April 2014 by Ray Benitez
Last modified on --- by ---

This hardware design is licensed by Ray Benitez under the Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 4.0 International License. | |

Assembling the hardware

  1. Solder a 2 x 18 pin header into the double row of pins (this will plug into the end bank of Arduino Mega digital pins).

  2. Solder a single pin header into the single hole marked SCL 21 (this will plug into pin 21 of the Mega).

  3. Solder the CC3000 breakout board into the single row of pins, so that the body of the CC3000 is pointing away from the double row of pins. The Mini-Shield PCB has the CC3000 IRQ pin marked to confirm the correct orientation.

Configuring the software

The Mini-Shield has been tested with the Adafruit CC3000 library.

You must change some of the standard CC3000 and SPI pin definitions in your sketches to work correctly with the Mini-Shield. Set the following in your sketches:

#define ADAFRUIT_CC3000_IRQ   21
#define ADAFRUIT_CC3000_VBAT  49
#define ADAFRUIT_CC3000_CS    53

Change history

Revision A (16 April 2014)

Initial release.