hackseq 2018 - [*]-omics hackathon. Vancouver, BC
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Organizational files and discussions about hackseq 2018

hackseq18 Organizational Wiki (HOWTO)

Question? --> Email Us

When? Where? What?

We are having a Genomics Hackathon in Vancouver in October 2018.

The website for the event lives here: http://www.hackseq.com/

The twitter account for this event is @hackseq

This event will be modeled on the NCBI hackathon format.

Organizing Committee

  • Artem Babaian (@ababaian)
  • Emre Erhan (@emreerhan)
  • Kristen Gray (@klgray25)
  • Justin Jia (@imasianxd)
  • Venus Lau (@vlauu)
  • Jennifer Lin (@jenjaelin)
  • Sasha Maslova (@smaslova)
  • Noushin Nabavi (@NoushinN)
  • Bara Orabi (@baraaorabi)
  • Alex Sweeten (@sweetiepi)

Project Repo Links

  1. REUSE
  2. Genome Assembler Components
  3. TaraCyc
  4. beRi
  5. Alignment-free Pathogen Genomics
  6. Simulating Transcriptome Structural Variants
  7. Blockchain for Infectious Disease
  8. Anatomy of Morbidity