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# NOTE: This example group should be hidden on the production site.
# Label for map popup and Groups listing page
label: Example Group
# Lat/Lon pair
# can help if you need to find this
- 0
- 0
# Text string; doesn't have to be a "real" date
founded: January 2009
# List of {name, link} objects
- { name: "A. Person", link: "" }
- { name: "Someone Else", link: "" }
# URL of external page, e.g. group
# (Optional) URL of group calendar (iCal/ics format) to include in aggregated H/H calendar
# If externalUrl is a group, this is fetched automatically
# calendarUrl:
# (Optional) Slug of internal group page, e.g. /content/groups/
groupPage: example-group