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Raspberry Pi Station

This documentation repository is modeled in the same manner as station-mineraft-mod.


Raspberry Pi is a great platform for teaching computing from the ground up. Let's start the group off with some terminology.

  • Raspberry Pi - A single-board computer, designed for teaching computing from the ground up
  • Raspbian - The flagship operating system for Pi, based on Debian Linux
  • ARM - The instruction set used by Raspberry Pi and most mobile phones
  • Minecraft Pi (MCPI) - A fork of Minecraft Bedrock Edition (a.k.a. Minecraft Pocket Edition or MCPE) designed for teaching programming.
  • Python - the language used by Minecraft Pi’s API
  • pip - a package manager for Python, which we use to install the "mcpi" library
  • Java - The language that Minecraft Java Edition (formerly known as Minecraft PC edition) is written in
  • C++ - The language that Minecraft Bedrock Edition (also known as Minecraft Pocket Edition or MCPE) is written in.
  • Linux (Debian) - The OS that Raspbian is based on.
  • Open GL ES - Open Graphics Library for Embedded Systems, used to render 3D on the Pi
  • GPIO - General Purpose Input Output (the pins)
  • Raspberry Pi Zero - A Pi the size of a stick of gum


  • Set up a web server
  • Play DOOM
  • Try Java, Python, JavaScript (node)
  • Try Rust, Swift, or Go
  • Try Racket (Scheme), BASIC, or Logo
  • Run Docker
  • Hook up the Pi camera
  • Serial console
  • Sonic Pi
  • RetroPie
  • VNC server
  • Spawn blocks in Minecraft Pi (see sections below)

And for the ambitious:

  • Design a MUD
  • LEDs lights with GPIO
  • Sense HAT (gyro)
  • Build a flash drive (Pi Zero)
  • Alexa AIY
  • Minecraft (Java Edition) server

Minecraft: Pi Edition

Exercises ranging from easy to medium:

  • Hello Minecraft World
  • Iceman
  • Rainbow
  • Teleport player
  • Icehouse
  • Iceman -> TNTman, ignite!

More advanced projects for those willing to get deep into the Adventures in Minecraft book or try out other online resources:

  • Migrate to PC with RaspberryJuice
  • Lava trap
  • Spawn mobs
  • Snake game
  • Write your name in giant block letters
  • Multiplayer
  • Digital clock or analog clock
  • Massive cannon
  • Natural disasters


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