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Doctrinr Version 0.1

How to run the app

  1. Clone this repo
  2. go to "chrome://extensions/"
  3. Enable Developer Mode
  4. Select "Load Unpacked Extension"
  5. Locate the Folder named "extension" in doctrinr and press enter
  6. Get Woke.

What problem are we trying to solve?:

Enhancing social awareness within the UT student community through an interactive Chrome extension. Taking the UT slogan to heart. “What starts here changes the world”

Link (more details/brain dump/alpha)

Who will use/benefit from this project?

UT students, staff, and faculty and administration

Project Needs (dev/design/resources)

Content, UI Design, backend, frontend

Status (in progress, pie-in-the-sky) Starting simple and only having three different types of questions available. Racial, Gender, and Environmental questions. The goal is to implement more different types of cultural/history questions and include different types of features.


People involved:

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