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Blue Elephant

Blue Elephant aims to be a simple no BS straight forward MVC like web framework. Emphasis on MVC like as we purposefully omit the M in MVC from this framework to get out of the way of developers.

How's performance?

Blue Elephant is designed to be used by high performance web servers leveraging FastCGI (typically via php-fpm) to scale extremely well. Everything is 'lazily loaded' by default, meaning classes are not loaded until the very last minute they're needed and only what is used will be loaded. The framework also has a very lightweight foot print, which is critical for speed and memory overhead in most scripting languages. These three simple principals combined make up a vicious recipe for creating high performance php web applications.

Benchmarks are available here: benchmark

NOTE: that bench mark was compiled using the phpmark kit available here: phpmark

Why no model system?

We're not against model systems. We find them outstanding for niche purposes. However, we find them annoying and counterproductive when used as blanket paradigms. So instead we simply leave it up to the end developer whether to use models are not and how to go about it.

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