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The project named Perimtr started as an issue solver in regards to one of the oldest problems that pretty much any future or actual student has. It is quite annoying to find your best friend leaving his hometown to study and you wanting to visit him every once in a while, but being quite confused about his actual location.

Well, here comes our application, our Windows 10 universal application. If you are running a device with Windows 10 and that device has a location sensor, finding your friend, just got a lot easier.

All you and the other person needs to do, is install the application, launch it, create a sign in account and that is pretty much it. The application searches automatically through your contact list on that device, and if it finds another Perimtr user, it's already added, no biggie. Now, when you hit the road to meet with your buddy, you will get notified when you are in his proximity, or.. perimeter. You can view a map provided by Bing Maps and a pin with the user's coordinates and distance between in a future release.

Next time you plan a visit, you don't have to worry about that lonely bar that your friend requested you to meet in, and you have no actual direction orientation capabilities.


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