A responsive version of the 960 grid, the Pvel way!
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Foldy960 - A responsive 960 grid from Paravel

Foldy960 isn't aiming to be Yet-Another-CSS-Framework and we hesitate to use the term "Boilerplate". Foldy is just a little kit and some extra classes to get you going on making your 960.gs design responsive.

Truth be told, this isn't even an official Paravel project - I'm just posting this because we said we would in an episode of the ATX Web Show.


  • Simplified 3 Column Responding Grid
    • < 640px: One column fluid.
    • > 640px: Fluid 3 column 960 grid.
  • .grid_right for proper content collapsing
  • .content-pad-right & .content-pad-left for extra padding if you needed. Obviously, not the most desired semantics, but absolutely bulletproof when you're padding content.
  • Foldy defaults to max-width: 960px; but change that to whatever you friggin' want.


  • 08/26/2011 - Simplified down responsiveness down to a single media query.
  • 05/23/2011 - Initial release.


Foldy is licensed under the WTFPL + "Not going to maintain this because the rent is too damn high" License.