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CHANGELOG for 2.1.x

This changelog references the relevant changes (bug and security fixes) done in 2.1 minor versions.

To get the diff for a specific change, go to where XXX is the change hash To get the diff between two versions, go to



  • added a default implementation of the ManagerRegistry
  • added a session storage for Doctrine DBAL


  • added a way to specify a default domain for a Twig template (via the 'trans_default_domain' tag)


  • This bundle has been removed and the relevant code has been moved to the Doctrine bridge


  • This bundle has been moved to the Doctrine organization
  • added optional group_by property to EntityType that supports either a PropertyPath or a \Closure that is evaluated on the entity choices
  • The em option for the UniqueEntity constraint is now optional (and should probably not be used anymore).


  • [BC BREAK] removed the possibility to pass a non-scalar attributes when calling render() to make the call works with or without a reverse proxy
  • added a router:match command
  • added kernel.event_subscriber tag
  • added a way to create relative symlinks when running assets:install command (--relative option)
  • added Controller::getUser()
  • [BC BREAK] assets_base_urls and base_urls merging strategy has changed
  • changed the default profiler storage to use the filesystem instead of SQLite
  • added support for placeholders in route defaults and requirements (replaced by the value set in the service container)
  • added Filesystem component as a dependency


  • [BC BREAK] The custom factories for the firewall configuration are now registered during the build method of bundles instead of being registered by the end-user (you need to remove the 'factories' keys in your security configuration).

  • [BC BREAK] The Firewall listener is now registered after the Router one. It means that specific Firewall URLs (like /login_check and /logout must now have proper route defined in your routing configuration)

  • [BC BREAK] refactored the user provider configuration. The configuration changed for the chain provider and the memory provider:


                providers: [my_memory_provider, my_doctrine_provider]
                    toto: { password: foobar, roles: [ROLE_USER] }
                    foo: { password: bar, roles: [ROLE_USER, ROLE_ADMIN] }


                    providers: [my_memory_provider, my_doctrine_provider]
                        toto: { password: foobar, roles: [ROLE_USER] }
                        foo: { password: bar, roles: [ROLE_USER, ROLE_ADMIN] }
  • [BC BREAK] Method equals was removed from UserInterface to its own new EquatableInterface, now user class can implement this interface to override the default implementation of users equality test.

  • added a validator for the user password

  • added 'erase_credentials' as a configuration key (true by default)
  • added new events: security.authentication.success and security.authentication.failure fired on authentication success/failure, regardless of authentication method, events are defined in new event class: Symfony\Component\Security\Core\AuthenticationEvents.


  • moved the data collector to the bridge
  • replaced MessageLogger class with the one from Swiftmailer 4.1.3


  • added the real template name when an error occurs in a Twig template


[BC BREAK] You must clear old profiles after upgrading to 2.1 (don't forget to remove the table if you are using a DB)

  • added support for the request method
  • added a routing panel
  • added a timeline panel
  • The toolbar position can now be configured via the position option (can be top or bottom)


  • [BC BREAK] The CookieJar internals have changed to allow cookies with the same name on different sub-domains/sub-paths


  • added a way to add documentation on configuration
  • implemented Serializable on resources
  • LoaderResolverInterface is now used instead of LoaderResolver for type hinting


  • added a --raw option to the list command
  • added support for STDERR in the console output class (errors are now sent to STDERR)
  • made the defaults (helper set, commands, input definition) in Application more easily customizable
  • added support for the shell even if readline is not available


  • added support for loading globally-installed PEAR packages


  • component exceptions that inherit base SPL classes are now used exclusively (this includes dumped containers)


  • added a way to get parsing errors for Crawler::addHtmlContent() and Crawler::addXmlContent() via libxml functions
  • added support for submitting a form without a submit button


  • added a reference to the EventDispatcher on the Event
  • added a reference to the Event name on the event


  • created this new component


  • Finder::exclude() now supports an array of directories as an argument


  • [BC BREAK] child forms now aren't validated anymore by default
  • made validation of form children configurable (new option: cascade_validation)
  • added support for validation groups as callbacks
  • made the translation catalogue configurable via the "translation_domain" option
  • added Form::getErrorsAsString() to help debugging forms
  • allowed setting different options for RepeatedType fields (like the label)
  • added support for empty form name at root level, this enables rendering forms without form name prefix in field names


  • added support for streamed responses
  • made Response::prepare() method the place to enforce HTTP specification
  • [BC BREAK] moved management of the locale from the Session class to the Request class
  • added a generic access to the PHP built-in filter mechanism: ParameterBag::filter()
  • made FileBinaryMimeTypeGuesser command configurable
  • added Request::getUser() and Request::getPassword()
  • added support for the PATCH method in Request
  • removed the ContentTypeMimeTypeGuesser class as it is deprecated and never used on PHP 5.3
  • added ResponseHeaderBag::makeDisposition() (implements RFC 6266)
  • made mimetype to extension conversion configurable


  • added CacheClearerInterface
  • added a kernel.terminate event
  • added a Stopwatch class
  • added WarmableInterface
  • improved extensibility between bundles
  • added a File-based profiler storage
  • added a MongoDB-based profiler storage
  • moved Filesystem class to its own component


  • added Locale::getIcuVersion() and Locale::getIcuDataVersion()


  • added ProcessBuilder


  • added a TraceableUrlMatcher
  • added the possibility to define default values and requirements for placeholders in prefix
  • added RouterInterface::getRouteCollection


  • after login, the user is now redirected to default_target_path if use_referer is true and the referrer is the login_path.
  • added a way to remove a token from a session


  • [BC BREAK] changed GetSetMethodNormalizer's key names from all lowercased to camelCased (e.g. mypropertyvalue to myPropertyValue)
  • [BC BREAK] convert the item XML tag to an array

    <?xml version="1.0"?>




        [item] => Array(
            [0] => Array(
                [title] => title1
            [1] => Array(
                [title] => title2


  • changed the default extension for XLIFF files from .xliff to .xlf
  • added support for gettext
  • added support for more than one fallback locale
  • added support for translations in ResourceBundles
  • added support for extracting translation messages from templates (Twig and PHP)
  • added dumpers for translation catalogs
  • added support for QT translations


  • added support for ctype_* assertions in TypeValidator
  • added a Size validator
  • added a SizeLength validator
  • improved the ImageValidator with min width, max width, min height, and max height constraints
  • added support for MIME with wildcard in FileValidator


  • Yaml::parse() does not evaluate loaded files as PHP files by default anymore (call Yaml::enablePhpParsing() to get back the old behavior)