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Getting Started with Jekyll

We use the jekyll static site generator to build the site. If you don't have jekyll installed, do the following:

  1. Install a Ruby. The version doesn't matter too much, though you probably want to have a version of Ruby that is at least 2.0.0.
  2. Install jekyll. With your newly-installed Ruby powers, enter gem install jekyll.
    • Alteratively, you can gem install bundler, and then use bundle install to install all of the dependencies in the Gemfile. This is likely much easier.

You may find the guide to jekyll on the GitHub blog helpful.

Once you have jekyll installed, you can build the site locally.

  • jekyll build will build the site. The generated site will be in (pwd)/_site. You can view the site by pointing your browser to file:///(pwd)/_site/path/you/care/about.
  • jekyll serve will build the site and start a local server (port 4000 by default). You can view the site by pointing your browser to localhost:4000/path/you/care/about. This option will also watch for file changes and rebuild the site when you make edits.

Building the CSS

First install the pre-reqs. On ubuntu, enter the following into a terminal:

$ sudo apt-get install node-less yui-compressor

Then just run make

$ make

If it doesn't want to make for some reason use the -B flag

$ make -B

Things that need work:

  1. move content from old site
    • Follow post template to move over talk info
    • embed github/youtube??