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3D-DART web server repository. Docker is needed in order to build the 3D-DART server container and to execute it. It is based in the Ubuntu 18.04 Docker image (with 32bit support needed for the version of X3DNA software used by 3D-DART) and with Apache2 and Python 2.7.

Please note that 3D-DART server is legacy software and many input data errors are not properly checked/validated.

1. Setup

1.1. Build Docker container

Note: if using git on Windows, please make sure automatic conversion of EOL is set to false to avoid mixing \r and \n end of lines: git config --global core.autocrlf false.

cd 3D-DART-server
docker build -t 3d-dart .

1.2. Run 3D-DART Docker container

docker run --name 3ddart -p 80:80 -i -t 3d-dart

1.3. Stop 3D-DART Docker container

From the terminal, Ctrl+C.

In case of re-running the container, previous exited containers must be cleaned:

docker rm $(docker ps --filter "status=exited" -q)

And then again:

docker run --name 3ddart -p 80:80 -i -t 3d-dart

2. How to use the server

2.1. Web interface

Once the docker container is running, 3D-DART server will be available from the url


This is the default interface, DARTCustombuild. There are several examples of this form pre-filled in the following urls:

For example, this is Example1.html:


Once input data is filled and Submit button clicked, you will be redirected to the results page:


Server results are also available through this link:

In case of server logic error, temporary error pages are generated at:

2.2. Command line

First, get a bash terminal from the Docker container:

docker exec -it 3ddart bash

You will find the server logic in /var/www/html/3DDART path. might be called from any location:

root@ccfe5d663254:/# cd /var/www/html/3DDART
root@ccfe5d663254:/var/www/html/3DDART# ls
cgi  error  html  index.html  server  software
--> Performing System Checks:
   * Python version is: 2.7.1
   * Could not import Numeric package try numpy
   * Importing numpy package succesfull
--> Your current working directory is: /var/www/html/3DDART
Welcome to 3D-DART version 1.2   Fri Aug 28 09:26:19 2020

For more information about how to use please refer to the standalone version of 3D-DART.