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What is Chukchi?

Chukchi is a free Web-based RSS aggregator.

You can try it out here: http://chukchi.hades.name

Who runs it?

If you want to add your instance to this list, please create a pull request, or send me an email.

How do I run it?

To run Chukchi, you need:

  • a database server (for example, Postgres),
  • Python interpreter (for example, Python),
  • some packages,
  • clear head,
  • steady hands.

See below for the specific instructions.

What are the needed packages?

How do I set up the database?

First, create a database. Default database name is chukchi, so for example:

$ createdb chukchi

If you didn't use the default database name, edit the DATABASE variable in chukchi/config/defaults.py file.

Then run the init_db.py file from the scripts directory to create the necessary tables:

$ PYTHONPATH=. python -m scripts.init_db

Now how do I run Chukchi?

Now you can run Chukchi using the run.py script:

$ PYTHONPATH=. python -m scripts.run 2013-05-23 11:21:00,881 werkzeug: * Running on 2013-05-23 11:21:00,881 werkzeug: * Restarting with reloader

By default, this will launch a webserver on You can then open the following URL in your browser to access the Chukchi Web UI:

Are there keyboard shortcuts?


  • j -- go to next entry in the current list,
  • k -- go to previous entry in the current list,
  • m -- mark the currently selected entry as read/unread,
  • v -- open the link of the currently selected entry.

Is that it?

For now, yes.

How do I contribute?

Either fork this repository on github: https://github.com/hades/chukchi

Or clone it directly with git:

git clone git://github.com/hades/chukchi.git

and send me patches to:


What is a modeline?

Modeline is a line, that tells your text editor what to do with the file. For example:

vim: ft=markdown:tw=80:et