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Mangle translatable strings to spot i18n bugs
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gettext-pseudolocale mangles English/ASCII text into something that makes internationalisation issues obvious, similarly to Android's pseudolocales feature.

This is implemented as an LD_PRELOAD shared library.

Office Runner Left-to-Right Office Runner Right-to-Left


$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ meson ..
$ ninja


PSEUDOLOCALE_MODE=rtl myapplication

PSEUDOLOCALE_MODE can be one of:

  • ltr: mangled and bracketed English looking text (default if PSEUDOLOCALE_MODE is omitted)
  • rtl: Right-to-left English text

Technical details

The shared library overrides libintl calls, which are usually part of the glibc DSO on Linux systems. This software has not been tested on anything but Linux.


This code is under the same license as the glibc itself (GNU Lesser General Public License v 2.1)

See the glibc license for details:

The current mangle table is based on the “Bent” effect from Lunicode.js, see bent.h for details.


Copyright Bastien Nocera <> 2019

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