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Edutainment software about additions
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Inondation d'Additions

This educational software was written for the Thomson line of 8-bit computers in Microsoft BASIC. It will test pupils for their ability to perform additions in columns, with or without a carry. Incorrect additions will raise the sea level below the hero, standing on a cliff. If too many incorrect answers are given, the hero will drown before it can be saved by an incoming rescue helicopter.


This program was written on a TO9 computer by then primary school teacher Daniel Nocera, as part of a country-wide training program into IT literacy, following on from the “Plan Informatique pour Tous” launched in 1985.


Thomson TO9 Plan informatique pour tous


The program is distributed under the GNU GPL version 2 or later, at the user's convenience.

The software was authored by Daniel Nocera (original programming) and Bastien Nocera (digitisation and further development).

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