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IDL code for processing input and output for the ROMS ocean model
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The IDL-ROMS Library


IDL-ROMS is a library of IDL code written largely by me at NIWA for processing input and output from the ROMS ocean model and its siblings. IDL-ROMS is published under the MIT Open Source License. It is hosted on GitHub in project hadfieldnz/idl-roms.

I have a number of other ROMS-related routines in my code at NIWA, and am disentangling them and moving them to IDL-ROMS as time permits.


Installation Method 1: IDL Package Manager

If you have IDL 8.7.1 (due out in September 2018) or later, you can install IDL-ROMS with the IDL Package Manager, eg:

IDL> ipm, /INSTALL, ''

This will install a package named IDL-ROMS in the !PACKAGE_PATH directory, typically ${HOME}/.idl/idl/packages. The relevant subdirectories will also be added to the !PATH.

Installation Method 2: Cloning the source

If you don't have the IDL Package Manager the recommended method for installing IDL-ROMS is to clone the repository, eg:

$ cd ${HOME}/IDL
$ git clone

You will then need to add the three code subdirectories (roms, san and examples) to your !PATH. The simplest way to do this is to add an entry like the following to the IDL path preferences dialogue:


Installation Method 3: Downloading a Zip archive

GitHub also allows you to download a snapshot of the code as a ZIP archive. You then need to extract the code into a suitable directory and modify the !PATH as for Method 2.


IDL-ROMS requires the IDL-Motley library, also on GitHub in project hadfieldnz/idl-motley. If you are installing with the IDL Package Manager, then this dependency will be handled automatically.

Mark Hadfield 2018-08-06

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