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kvmadm 0.12.3

Manage KVM instances under SMF control

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kvmadm takes care of setting up kvm instances on illumos derived operating systems with SMF support. The kvm hosts run under smf control. Each host will show up as a separate SMF service instance. kvmadm supports KVM instances set-up as SMF service instance within individual zones.


kvmadm uses only core perl, so it should install out of the box on any machine with a current perl installation. It is advised to install kvmadm into a separate directory as the base directory of kvmadm will be mounted in the zones.

tar zxvf kvmadm-0.12.3.tar.gz
cd kvmadm-0.12.3
./configure --prefix=/opt/kvmadm-0.12.3 

Now you can run

gmake install

You can import make configure install a kvmadm service manifest by calling configure with the option --enable-svcinstall=/var/svc/manifest/site.

Check the man page for information about how to use kvmadm.

Support and Contributions

If you find a problem with kvmadm, please open an Issue on GitHub.

And if you have a contribution, please send a pull request.


Dominik Hassler & Tobi Oetiker 2018-01-09

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