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Advanced R

Build Status

This is code and text behind the Advanced R book. The site is built with bookdown.



  • Make sure that 100% is "one postscript point": this ensures canvas size matches physical size. Export at 300 dpi scaled to 100%.

  • Set grid to 1cm with 10 minor units. Ensure there is 2mm padding around all sides of each diagram.

  • Conventions:

    • Text is set in inconsolata 10pt, with text padding set to 3.
    • Emoji set in "Apple Color Emoji" 8pt.
    • Default scalar size is 6mm x 6mm.
    • Symbols have 4pt rounded corners and plum border.
    • Arrow heads should be set to 75%.
    • Names should be coloured in steel.


  • Inconsolata scaled (by fontspec) to match main font is 9.42pt.

  • Preview at 100% matches physical size of book. Maximum diagram width is 11cm.


  • Remove dpi specification from include_graphics(), instead relying on common.R. Chunk should have output.width = NULL.

  • Beware caching: after changing the size of an image you may need to clear the cache before it is correctly updated.

To zip files to for publisher:

mkdir crc
cp _book/_main.tex crc
cp -r _bookdown_files/*_files crc
cp -r diagrams crc
cp -r screenshots crc
cp -r emoji crc
cp mina.jpg crc
cp krantz.cls crc
cp book.bib crc
rm crc/diagrams/*.graffle

zip -r crc

Code of conduct

Please note that Advanced R is released with a Contributor Code of Conduct. By contributing to this project, you agree to abide by its terms.