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devtools 0.7
* `install_bitbucket` installs R packages on bitbucket.
* `install` now uses `--with-keep.source` to make debugging a little easier.
* All remote install functions give better error messages in the case of http
errors (Fixes #82).
* `install` has new quick option to make package installation faster, by
sacrificing documentation, demos and multi-architecture binaries. (Fixes
* `install_url`, `install_github` and `install_gitorious` gain a subdir
argument which makes it possible to install packages that are contained
within a sub-directory of a repository or compressed file. (Fixes #64)
* `with_debug` function temporarily sets env vars so that compilation is
performed with the appropriate debugging flags set. Contributed by Andrew
* `revdep`, `revdep_maintainers` and `revdep_check` for calculating reverse
dependencies, finding their maintainers and running `R CMD check`.
(Fixes #78)
* `check_cran` has received a massive overhaul: it now checks multiple
packages, installs dependencies (in user specified library), and parse check
output to extract errors and warnings
* `check` uses new `--as-cran` option to make checking as close to CRAN as
possible (fixes #68)
* devtools now uses options `devtools.path` to set the default path to use
with devmode, and `github.user` to set the default user when installing
packages from github.
* if no package supplied, and no package has been worked with previously, all
functions now will try the working directory. (Fixes #87)
* on windows, devtools now looks in the registry to find where Rtools is
installed, and does a better a job of locating gcc. (Contributed by Andrew
* `show_rd` passes `...` on to `Rd2txt` - this is useful if you're checking
how build time `\Sexpr`s are generated.
* A suite of `with` functions that allow you to temporarily alter the
environment in which code is run: `in_dir`, `with_collate`, `with_locale`,
`with_options`, `with_path`, ... (Fixes #89)
* `release` ask more questions and randomises correct answers so you really
need to read them (Fixes #79)
* `source_gist` now accepts default url such as ""
* New system path manipulation functions, `get_path`, `set_path`, `add_path`
and `on_path`, contributed by Andrew Redd.
* If you're on windows, `devtools` now suppresses the unimportant warning from
CYGWIN about the dos style file paths
* `decompress` now uses target directory as defined in the function call
when expanding a compressed file. (Fixes #84)
* `document` is always run in a C locale so that `NAMESPACE` sort order is
consistent across platforms.
* `install` now quotes `libpath` and build path so paths with embedded spaces
work (Fixes #73 and #76)
* `load_data` now also loads `.RData` files (Fixes #81)
* `install` now has `args` argument to pass additional command line arguments
on to `R CMD install` (replaces `...` which didn't actually do anything).
(Fixes #69)
* `load_code` does a better job of reconciling files in DESCRIPTION collate
with files that actually exist in the R directory. (Fixes #14)
devtools 0.6
* `test` function takes `filter` argument which allows you to restrict which
tests are to be run
* `check` runs with example timings, as is done on CRAN. Run with new param
`cleanup = F` to access the timings.
* `missing_s3` function to help figure out if you've forgotten to export any
s3 methods
* `check_cran` downloads and checks a CRAN package - this is useful to run as
part of the testing process of your package if you want to check the
dependencies of your package
* `strict` mode for `run_examples` which runs each example in a clean
environment. This is much slower than the default (running in the current
environment), but ensures that each example works standalone.
* `dev_mode` now updates prompt to indicate that it's active (Thanks to Kohske
* new `source_url` function for sourcing script on a remote server via
protocols other than http (e.g. https or ftp). (Thanks to Kohske Takahashi)
* new `source_gist` function to source R code stored in a github gist. (Thanks
to Kohske Takahashi)
* `load_all` now also loads all package dependencies (including suggestions) -
this works around some bugs in the way that devtools attaches the
development environment into the search path in a way that fails to recreate
what happens normally during package loading.
* remote installation will ensure the configure file is executable.
* all external package installation functions are vectorised so you can
install multiple packages at time
* new `install_gitorious` function install packages in gitorious repos.
* new `install_url` function for installing package from an arbitrary url
* include `install_version` function from Jeremy Stephens for installing a
specific version of a CRAN package from the archive.
* better check for OS type (thanks to Brian Ripley)
* better default paths for 64-bit R on windows (Fixes #35)
* check to see if Rtools is already available before trying to mess with the
paths. (Fixes #55)
* if an error occurs when calling loading R files, the cache will be
automatically cleared so that all files are loaded again next time you try
(Fixes #55)
* functions that run R now do so with `R_LIBS` set to the current
`.libPaths()` - this will ensure that checking uses the development library
if you are in development mode. `R_ENVIRON_USER` is set to an empty file to
avoid your existing settings overriding this.
* `load_data` (called by `load_all`) will also load data defined in R files in
the data directory. (Fixes #45)
* `dev_mode` performs some basic tests to make sure you're not setting your
development library to a directory that's not already an R library. (Fixes
devtools 0.5.1
* Fix error in that was causing R commands to fail on windows.
devtools 0.5
* new `show_rd` function that will show the development version of a help
* external R commands always run in locale `C`, because that's what the CRAN
severs do.
* `clean_source` sources an R script into a fresh R environment, ensuring that
it can run independently of your current working environment. Optionally
(`vanilla = T`), it will source in a vanilla R environment which ignores all
local environment settings.
* On windows, `devtools` will also add the path to `mingw` on startup. (Thanks
to pointer from Dave Lovell)
devtools 0.4
* new `wd` function to change the working directory to a package subdirectory.
* `check_doc` now checks package documentation as a whole, in the same way
that `R CMD check` does, rather than low-level syntax checking, which is
done by `roxygen2. DESCRIPTION checking has been moved into `load_all`.
`check_rd` has been removed.
* `build` is now exported, and defaults to building in the package's parent
directory. It also gains a new `binary` parameter controls whether a binary
or a source version (with no vignettes or manuals) is built. Confusingly,
binary packages are built with `R CMD INSTALL`.
* `build_win` sends your package to the R windows builder, allowing you to
make a binary version of your package for windows users if you're using
linux or a max (if you're using windows already, use `build(binary = T)`)
* if using `.Rpackages` config file, default function is used last, not first.
* on Windows, `devtools` now checks for the presence of `Rtools` on startup,
and will automatically add it to the path if needed.
* `document` uses `roxygen2` instead of `roxygen`. It now loads package
dependency so that they're available when roxygen executes the package
source code.
* `document` has new parameter `clean` which clears all roxygen caches and
removes all existing man files. `check` now runs `document` in this mode.
* `dev_mode` will create directories recursively, and complain if it can't
create them. It should also work better on windows.
* `install_github` now allows you to specify which branch to download, and
automatically reloads package if needed.
* `reload` now will only reload if the package is already loaded.
* `release` gains `check` parameter that allows you to skip package check (if
you've just done it.)
* `test` automatically reloads code so you never run tests on old code
devtools 0.3
* new `bash()` function that starts bash shell in package directory. Useful if
you want to use git etc.
* removed inelegant `update_src()` since now superseded by `bash()`
* fix bug in ftp upload that was adding extraneous space
* `build` function builds package in specified directory. `install`, `check`
and `release` now all use this function.
* `build`, `install`, `check` and `release` better about cleaning up after
themselves - always try to both work in session temporary directory and
delete any files/directories that they create
devtools 0.2
* `install_github` now uses `RCurl` instead of external `wget` to retrieve
package. This should make it more robust wrt external dependencies.
* `load_all` will skip missing files with a warning (thanks to suggestion from Jeff Laake)
* `check` automatically deletes `.Rcheck` directory on successful completion
* Quote the path to R so it works even if there are spaces in the path.
devtools 0.1
* Check for presence of `DESCRIPTION` when loading packages to avoid false
* `install` now works correctly with `devel_mode` to install packages in your
development library
* `release` prints news so you can more easily check it
* All `R CMD xxx` functions now use the current R, not the first R found on
the system path.
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