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# Insert shim objects into a package's imports environment
# @param pkg A path or package object
insert_imports_shims <- function(pkg = ".") {
pkg <- as.package(pkg)
imp_env <- imports_env(pkg)
imp_env$system.file <- shim_system.file
imp_env$library.dynam.unload <- shim_library.dynam.unload
# Create a new environment as the parent of global, with devtools versions of
# help, ?, and system.file.
insert_global_shims <- function() {
# If shims already present, just return
if ("devtools_shims" %in% search()) return()
e <- new.env()
e$help <- shim_help
e$`?` <- shim_question
e$system.file <- shim_system.file
attach(e, name = "devtools_shims", warn.conflicts = FALSE)
#' Replacement version of system.file
#' This function is meant to intercept calls to \code{\link[base]{system.file}},
#' so that it behaves well with packages loaded by devtools. It is made
#' available when a package is loaded with \code{\link{load_all}}.
#' When \code{system.file} is called from the R console (the global
#' envrironment), this function detects if the target package was loaded with
#' \code{\link{load_all}}, and if so, it uses a customized method of searching
#' for the file. This is necessary because the directory structure of a source
#' package is different from the directory structure of an installed package.
#' When a package is loaded with \code{load_all}, this function is also inserted
#' into the package's imports environment, so that calls to \code{system.file}
#' from within the package namespace will use this modified version. If this
#' function were not inserted into the imports environment, then the package
#' would end up calling \code{base::system.file} instead.
#' @inheritParams base::system.file
#' @usage # system.file(..., package = "base", lib.loc = NULL, mustWork = FALSE)
#' @rdname system.file
#' @name system.file
#' @usage system.file(..., package = "base", lib.loc = NULL, mustWork = FALSE)
shim_system.file <- function(..., package = "base", lib.loc = NULL,
mustWork = FALSE) {
# If package wasn't loaded with devtools, pass through to base::system.file.
# If package was loaded with devtools (the package loaded with load_all)
# search for files a bit differently.
if (!(package %in% dev_packages())) {
base::system.file(..., package = package, lib.loc = lib.loc,
mustWork = mustWork)
} else {
pkg_path <- find.package(package)
# First look in inst/
files_inst <- file.path(pkg_path, "inst", ...)
present_inst <- file.exists(files_inst)
# For any files that weren't present in inst/, look in the base path
files_top <- file.path(pkg_path, ...)
present_top <- file.exists(files_top)
# Merge them together. Here are the different possible conditions, and the
# desired result. NULL means to drop that element from the result.
# files_inst: /inst/A /inst/B /inst/C /inst/D
# present_inst: T T F F
# files_top: /A /B /C /D
# present_top: T F T F
# result: /inst/A /inst/B /C NULL
files <- files_top
files[present_inst] <- files_inst[present_inst]
# Drop cases where not present in either location
files <- files[present_inst | present_top]
if (length(files) > 0) {
# Make sure backslahses are replaced with slashes on Windows
normalizePath(files, winslash = "/")
} else {
if (mustWork) {
stop("No file found", call. = FALSE)
} else {
# Note that the behavior isn't exactly the same as base::system.file with an
# installed package; in that case, C and D would not be installed and so
# would not be found. Some other files (like DESCRIPTION, data/, etc) would
# be installed. To fully duplicate R's package-building and installation
# behavior would be complicated, so we'll just use this simple method.
shim_library.dynam.unload <- function(chname, libpath,
verbose = getOption("verbose"),
file.ext = .Platform$dynlib.ext) {
# If package was loaded by devtools, we need to unload the dll ourselves
# because libpath works differently from installed packages.
if (!is.null(dev_meta(chname))) {
pkg <- as.package(libpath)
# Should only reach this in the rare case that the devtools-loaded package is
# trying to unload a different package's DLL.
base::library.dynam.unload(chname, libpath, verbose, file.ext)
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