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% Generated by roxygen2: do not edit by hand
% Please edit documentation in R/vignettes.r
\title{Build package vignettes.}
build_vignettes(pkg = ".", dependencies = "VignetteBuilder")
\item{pkg}{package description, can be path or package name. See
\code{\link{as.package}} for more information}
\item{dependencies}{\code{logical} indicating to also install uninstalled
packages which this \code{pkg} depends on/links to/suggests. See
argument \code{dependencies} of \code{\link{install.packages}}.}
Builds package vignettes using the same algorithm that \code{R CMD build}
does. This means including non-Sweave vignettes, using makefiles (if
present), and copying over extra files. You need to ensure that these
files are not included in the built package - ideally they should not
be checked into source, or at least excluded with \code{.Rbuildignore}
\code{\link{clean_vignettes}} to remove the pdfs in
\file{inst/doc} created from vignettes
\code{\link{clean_vignettes}} to remove build tex/pdf files.
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