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% Generated by roxygen2: do not edit by hand
% Please edit documentation in R/check-cran.r
\title{Check a package from CRAN.}
check_cran(pkgs, libpath = file.path(tempdir(), "R-lib"), srcpath = libpath,
check_libpath = libpath, bioconductor = FALSE,
type = getOption("pkgType"), threads = getOption("Ncpus", 1),
check_dir = tempfile("check_cran"),
install_dir = tempfile("check_cran_install"), env_vars = NULL,
quiet_check = TRUE)
\item{pkgs}{Vector of package names - note that unlike other \pkg{devtools}
functions this is the name of a CRAN package, not a path.}
\item{libpath}{Path to library to store dependencies packages - if you
you're doing this a lot it's a good idea to pick a directory and stick
with it so you don't have to download all the packages every time.}
\item{srcpath}{Path to directory to store source versions of dependent
packages - again, this saves a lot of time because you don't need to
redownload the packages every time you run the package.}
\item{check_libpath}{Path to library used for checking, should contain
the top-level library from \code{libpath}.}
\item{bioconductor}{Include bioconductor packages in checking?}
\item{type}{binary Package type to test (source, mac.binary etc). Defaults
to the same type as \code{\link{install.packages}()}.}
\item{threads}{Number of concurrent threads to use for checking.
It defaults to the option \code{"Ncpus"} or \code{1} if unset.}
\item{check_dir, install_dir}{Directory to store check and installation
\item{env_vars}{Environment variables set during \code{R CMD check}}
\item{quiet_check}{If \code{TRUE}, suppresses individual \code{R CMD
check} output and only prints summaries. Set to \code{FALSE} for
Returns (invisibly) the directory where check results are stored.
Internal function used to power \code{\link{revdep_check}()}.
This function does not clean up after itself, but does work in a
session-specific temporary directory, so all files will be removed
when your current R session ends.