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% Generated by roxygen2 (4.1.1): do not edit by hand
% Please edit documentation in R/dev-help.r
\title{Read the in-development help for a package loaded with devtools.}
dev_help(topic, stage = "render", type = getOption("help_type"))
\item{topic}{name of help to search for.}
\item{stage}{at which stage ("build", "install", or "render") should
\\Sexpr macros be executed? This is only important if you're using
\\Sexpr macro's in your Rd files.}
\item{type}{of html to produce: \code{"html"} or \code{"text"}. Defaults to
your default documentation type.}
Note that this only renders a single documentation file, so that links
to other files within the package won't work.
help("ggplot") # loads installed documentation for ggplot
dev_help("ggplot") # loads development documentation for ggplot
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