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% Generated by roxygen2: do not edit by hand
% Please edit documentation in R/document.r
\title{Use roxygen to document a package.}
document(pkg = ".", clean = NULL, roclets = NULL, reload = TRUE)
\item{pkg}{package description, can be path or package name. See
\code{\link{as.package}} for more information}
\item{clean, reload}{Deprecated.}
\item{roclets}{Character vector of roclet names to use with package.
This defaults to \code{NULL}, which will use the \code{roclets} fields in
the list provided in the \code{Roxygen} DESCRIPTION field. If none are
specified, defaults to \code{c("collate", "namespace", "rd")}.}
This function is a wrapper for the \code{\link[roxygen2]{roxygenize}()}
function from the roxygen2 package. See the documentation and vignettes of
that package to learn how to use roxygen.