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% Generated by roxygen2: do not edit by hand
% Please edit documentation in R/install-bitbucket.r
\title{Install a package directly from bitbucket}
install_bitbucket(repo, username, ref = "master", subdir = NULL,
quiet = FALSE, auth_user = NULL, password = NULL, ...)
\item{repo}{Repository address in the format
\code{username/repo[/subdir][@ref|#pull]}. Alternatively, you can
specify \code{subdir} and/or \code{ref} using the respective parameters
(see below); if both are specified, the values in \code{repo} take
\item{username}{User name. Deprecated: please include username in the
\item{ref}{Desired git reference; could be a commit, tag, or branch name.
Defaults to master.}
\item{subdir}{subdirectory within repo that contains the R package.}
\item{quiet}{if \code{TRUE} suppresses output from this function.}
\item{auth_user}{your account username if you're attempting to install
a package hosted in a private repository (and your username is different
to \code{username})}
\item{password}{your password}
\item{...}{Other arguments passed on to \code{\link{install}}.}
This function is vectorised so you can install multiple packages in
a single command.
Bitbucket API docs:
Other package installation: \code{\link{install_bioc}},
\code{\link{install_cran}}, \code{\link{install_github}},
\code{\link{install_git}}, \code{\link{install_svn}},
\code{\link{install_url}}, \code{\link{install_version}},
\code{\link{install}}, \code{\link{uninstall}}