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% Generated by roxygen2: do not edit by hand
% Please edit documentation in R/install-git.r
\title{Install a package from a git repository}
install_git(url, subdir = NULL, branch = NULL, credentials = NULL,
args = character(0), ...)
\item{url}{Location of package. The url should point to a public or
private repository.}
\item{subdir}{A sub-directory within a git repository that may
contain the package we are interested in installing.}
\item{branch}{Name of branch or tag to use, if not master.}
\item{credentials}{A git2r credentials object passed through
to \code{\link[git2r]{clone}}.}
\item{args}{DEPRECATED. A character vector providing extra arguments to
pass on to git.}
\item{...}{passed on to \code{\link{install}}}
It is vectorised so you can install multiple packages with
a single command. You do not need to have git installed.
install_git("git://", branch = "stringr-0.2")
Other package installation: \code{\link{install_bioc}},
\code{\link{install_cran}}, \code{\link{install_github}},
\code{\link{install_svn}}, \code{\link{install_url}},
\code{\link{install_version}}, \code{\link{install}},