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\title{Return package environment}
pkg_env(pkg = ".")
\item{pkg}{package description, can be path or package name. See
\code{\link{as.package}} for more information}
This is an environment like \code{<package:pkg>}. The package
environment contains the exported objects from a package. It is
attached, so it is an ancestor of \code{R_GlobalEnv}.
When a package is loaded the normal way, using \code{\link{library}},
this environment contains only the exported objects from the
namespace. However, when loaded with \code{\link{load_all}}, this
environment will contain all the objects from the namespace, unless
\code{load_all} is used with \code{export_all=FALSE}.
If the package is not attached, this function returns \code{NULL}.
\code{\link{ns_env}} for the namespace environment that
all the objects (exported and not exported).
\code{\link{imports_env}} for the environment that contains
imported objects for the package.