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% Please edit documentation in R/release.r
\title{Release package to CRAN.}
release(pkg = ".", check = FALSE, args = NULL, spelling = "en_US")
\item{pkg}{package description, can be path or package name. See
\code{\link{as.package}} for more information}
\item{check}{if \code{TRUE}, run checking, otherwise omit it. This
is useful if you've just checked your package and you're ready to
release it.}
\item{args}{An optional character vector of additional command
line arguments to be passed to \code{R CMD build}.}
\item{spelling}{language or dictionary file to spell check documentation.
See \code{\link[spelling:spell_check_package]{spelling}} package. Set to
\code{NULL} to skip spell checking.}
Run automated and manual tests, then ftp to CRAN.
The package release process will:
\item Confirm that the package passes \code{R CMD check} on relevant platoforms
\item Confirm that important files are up-to-date
\item Build the package
\item Submit the package to CRAN, using comments in ""
You can add arbitrary extra questions by defining an (un-exported) function
called \code{release_questions()} that returns a character vector
of additional questions to ask.
You also need to read the CRAN repository policy at
\url{} and make
sure you're in line with the policies. \code{release} tries to automate as
many of polices as possible, but it's impossible to be completely
comprehensive, and they do change in between releases of devtools.
If a devtools bug causes one of the CRAN maintainers to treat you
impolitely, I will personally send you a handwritten apology note.
Please forward me the email and your address, and I'll get a card in
the mail.