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@fyears fyears Updated Home (markdown) afa1d00
@hadley hadley Start moving links a0f7683
@gokceneraslan gokceneraslan Fix CRC R series URI 7196873
@hadley hadley Who is the book for 7cfe30d
@hadley hadley Tweak formatting 6eb91c9
@hadley hadley Pointer to R series 6b93a8e
@hadley hadley Tweaking home. Adding footer 87b19f4
@hadley hadley Tweaks to home and sidebar 036da6b
@hadley hadley Move TOC to sidebar c03b6a3
@hadley hadley Pull apart functional programming cb13395
@hadley hadley Remove redundant link 2bd89dd
@hadley hadley More renaming 1913b4d
@hadley hadley Better names for documentation pages d5e3d40
@hadley hadley Fix title 419d36e
@hadley hadley Move subsetting to own appendix. Start on attributes. Remove markdown from appendices a1f7055
@hadley hadley Rename basics to data structures b697275
@hadley hadley Environments after functional programming ff8fc2a
@hadley hadley Rename 1st class funs to functional programming cc83c36
@varun729 varun729 Updated Home (markdown) bd482fb
@varun729 varun729 Updated Home (markdown) 45112a3
@hadley hadley Work on profiling. Pull out performance into separate chapter 00c1543
@hadley hadley More on errors and debugging 37d5fad
@hadley hadley Integrate reproducible example into errors 7c252af
@hadley hadley More notes 86a14ea
@hadley hadley Remove old note 624d8cc
@hadley hadley Tweak styling 3c3a10d
@hadley hadley Tweak styling 3bcfcd9
@hadley hadley More reorg 82f544d
@hadley hadley More structure tweaking 77479d9
@hadley hadley Some restructuring b0f93cf
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