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Commits on Dec 24, 2019
  1. Maps chapter (#159)

    djnavarro and hadley committed Dec 24, 2019
    * adds _main.adx to .gitignore, fixes #157
    * start reorganising and separating sf from everything else
    * adds initial discussion of sf and crossreferences with coord chapter.
    * provides context for the MULTIPOLYGON text in an sf geometry, and adds examples with basic data vis with sf
    * Partial restructure to space-time.Rmd around the "maps and surfaces" framing.
    * Slight restructure for raster map section
    * addition to gitignore
    * move surfaces section to summaries, allowing spatial chapter focus on maps/geospatial
    * Update space-time.Rmd
    typo fix
    Co-Authored-By: Hadley Wickham <>
    * move \index commands and be a little more direct for start of surfaces section.
    * initial restructure to maps chapter
    * renames space-time.Rmd as maps.Rmd
    * para explaining coord_quickmap and linking to coord chapter, and segue to sf
    * some tidying to the new sf maps sections
    * attempt to add ozmaps to DESCRIPTION to keep Travis quiet
    * adds Australian capital cities as point metadata
    * flesh out sf sections on layers, labels and points slightly
    * adds map projections
    * fixes typos and brain fades
    * ignore workbench sentinel file
    * start drafting sfdetail section
    * Illustrates st_cast and st_area by removing mainland region from Dawson
    * Tweaks and comments
    * avoid conflicts between dplyr::pull and git2r::pull
    * better handling of ozmaps data
    * places Hobart correctly
    * add rmapshaper dependency
    * rely solely on CRAN version of ozmaps
    * add libnode-dev to install V8 package on travis
    * add libjq-dev to install jqr package on travis
    * add libprotobuf-dev to install protolite package on travis
    * try installing protobuf compiler?
    * adds chapter overview paragraph for maps
    * adds a scatterplot version of the mi_counties map to highlight structure of the data
    * add citations to maps chapter
    * various minor edits to maps
    * edits "working with sf data" section directs reader to sf package documentation for detail
    Co-authored-by: Hadley Wickham <>
Commits on Jul 12, 2019
  1. A collection of minor issue fixes (#156)

    djnavarro authored and hadley committed Jul 12, 2019
    * changes file names from .rmd to .Rmd. Fixes #149
    * places tick marks on log scale. Fixes #124
    * adds cross link to generated variables section from surface plots to clarify the use of `..level..`. fixes first issue in #99
    * clarifies the description of add/override/remove aesthetic within layers, and changes variables to be consistent with surrounding text. Fixes #99, second item.
    * removes reference to scale_size_discrete (as this is not advised) in the section on manual discrete scale, and makes the first two paragraphs consistent. The text now implies these three are examples and not an exhaustive list of discrete scales. Fixes #99, suggestion three.
    * Adds cautionary note on the effect that setting axis limits can have on computed summary statistics. Attempts to fix #23 but may not be in the correct location
    * switches latex figure code to knitr::include_graphics. fixes #146, but does not optimise output height/width
Commits on Jul 9, 2019
  1. Updates cross links and ensure PDF builds (#155)

    djnavarro authored and hadley committed Jul 9, 2019
Commits on Jul 3, 2019
  1. Initial pass at annotations chapter (#152)

    djnavarro authored and hadley committed Jul 3, 2019
    * stylistic edits to labelling section
    * Add an example using ggrepel::geom_text_repel()
    * credit author by name
    * Restructure to have an opening paragraph, and more clearly delineate separation between text labelling vs other annotation
    * added ecosystem section
    * Add ggforce::geom_mark_ellipse example and restructure
    * Mention ggfittext and gghighlight
    * tweak initial paragraph
    * titles in sentence case, first gghighlight example moved, and 'other' section removed
    * add example showing gghighlight across facets
    * adds an example with underplotted points as highlights
    * adds an example of annotation using arrows, and smoothes transition from "custom annotation" to "direct labelling"
    * highlights the utility of check_overlap = TRUE when data are pre-sorted
    * fixes typo
    * underplot example uses tidyverse shortline style, treating + as equivalent to %>%
    * curve_annotation example closer to tidyverse style
    * tidies the style for initial subaru underplot code
    * uses tidyverse long line style for annotate_easyway
    * removes unnecessary "ggforce::" from inline reference to geom_mark_ellipse()
    * moves geom_line and geom_point to separate lines in gghighlight example
    * switches from ~ to vars() in facet_wrap calls
Commits on Jun 18, 2019
  1. Grab back of improvements (#143)

    djnavarro authored and hadley committed Jun 18, 2019
    * Text in sub:boxplot now refers to drv instead of class
    * added meaningful axis labels to the unemp-pres plot
    * Expanded section on mapping aesthetics to collective geoms (sub:matching)
    * Removed all references to qplot()
    Fixes #117
Commits on Jun 15, 2019
  1. Minimal changes to produce passing travis build (#142)

    djnavarro authored and hadley committed Jun 15, 2019
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