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6198457 @hadley Add ggplot
1 Package: ggplot2
2 Type: Package
3 Title: An implementation of the Grammar of Graphics
a55a234 @hadley Version bump
4 Version: 0.8.3
6198457 @hadley Add ggplot
5 Author: Hadley Wickham <>
6 Maintainer: Hadley Wickham <>
7 Description: An implementation of the grammar of graphics in R. It combines the advantages of both base and lattice graphics: conditioning and shared axes are handled automatically, and you can still build up a plot step by step from multiple data sources. It also implements a sophisticated multidimensional conditioning system and a consistent interface to map data to aesthetic attributes. See the ggplot2 website for more information, documentation and examples.
214ca1d @hadley Tweaks to release properties
8 Depends: R (>= 2.7)
b0f5d2f @hadley Final tweaks prior to release.
9 Imports: reshape (>= 0.8.0), plyr (>= 0.1.5), splines, MASS, RColorBrewer, grid, proto
bb11aa3 @hadley Add required package. Make it possible to use two variables to define a...
10 Suggests: quantreg, Hmisc, mapproj, maps, digest, colorspace, hexbin, gpclib, maptools
6198457 @hadley Add ggplot
11 License: GPL
12 URL:
13 LazyLoad: false
0282379 @hadley Add collate field
14 LazyData: true
15 Collate: aaa-.r aaa-compare.r aaa-constants.r aaa-examples.r aaa-html.r aaa-rdoc.r aes.r annotation.r coord-.r coord-cartesian-.r coord-cartesian-equal.r coord-cartesian-flipped.r coord-map.r coord-polar.r coord-transform.r date-time-breaks.r date-time.r dhist.r facet-.r facet-grid-.r facet-labels.r facet-viewports.r facet-wrap.r formats.r fortify-lm.r fortify-map.r fortify-spatial.r fortify.r geom-.r geom-abline.r geom-bar-.r geom-bar-histogram.r geom-bin2d.r geom-blank.r geom-boxplot.r geom-crossbar.r geom-defaults.r geom-error.r geom-errorh.r geom-freqpoly.r geom-hex.r geom-hline.r geom-linerange.r geom-path-.r geom-path-contour.r geom-path-density2d.r geom-path-line.r geom-path-step.r geom-point-.r geom-point-jitter.r geom-pointrange.r geom-polygon.r geom-quantile.r geom-rect.r geom-ribbon-.r geom-ribbon-density.r geom-rug.r geom-segment.r geom-smooth.r geom-text.r geom-tile.r geom-vline.r grob-absolute.r grob-background.r grob-grid.r grob-null.r guides-axis.r guides-grid.r guides-legend.r labels.r layer.r matrix.r plot-build.r plot-construction.r plot-last.r plot-render.r plot-surrounds.r plot.r position-.r position-collide.r position-dodge.r position-fill.r position-identity.r position-jitter.r position-stack.r quick-plot.r save.r scale-.r scale-alpha.r scale-continuous-.r scale-continuous-colour.r scale-convenience.r scale-date.r scale-datetime.r scale-defaults.r scale-discrete-.r scale-discrete-colour.r scale-discrete-grey.r scale-discrete-position.r scale-identity.r scale-linetype.r scale-manual.r scale-shape.r scale-size.r scales-.r stat-.r stat-bin.r stat-bin2d.r stat-binhex.r stat-boxplot.r stat-contour.r stat-density-2d.r stat-density.r stat-function.r stat-identity.r stat-qq.r stat-quantile.r stat-smooth-methods.r stat-smooth.r stat-spoke.r stat-sum.r stat-summary.r stat-unique.r stat-vline.r summary.r templates.r theme-defaults.r theme-elements.r theme.r trans-.r trans-scales.r utilities-break.r utilities-colour.r utilities-discrete.r utilities-facet.r utilities-grid.r utilities-layer.r utilities-matrix.r utilities-position.r utilities-resolution.r utilities.r xxx-codegen.r xxx-digest.r xxx.r zxx.r
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