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\title{Map projections.}
coord_map(projection = "mercator", ...,
orientation = NULL, xlim = NULL, ylim = NULL)
\item{projection}{projection to use, see
\code{\link[mapproj]{mapproject}} for list}
\item{...}{other arguments passed on to
\item{orientation}{projection orientation, which defaults
to \code{c(90, 0, mean(range(x)))}. This is not optimal
for many projections, so you will have to supply your
\item{xlim}{manually specific x limits (in degrees of
\item{ylim}{manually specific y limits (in degrees of
This coordinate system provides the full range of map
projections available in the mapproj package.
This is still experimental, and if you have any advice to
offer regarding a better (or more correct) way to do
this, please let me know
if (require("maps")) {
# Create a lat-long dataframe from the maps package
nz <- data.frame(map("nz", plot=FALSE)[c("x","y")])
(nzmap <- qplot(x, y, data=nz, geom="path"))
nzmap + coord_map()
nzmap + coord_map(project="cylindrical")
nzmap + coord_map(project='azequalarea',orientation=c(-36.92,174.6,0))
states <- data.frame(map("state", plot=FALSE)[c("x","y")])
(usamap <- qplot(x, y, data=states, geom="path"))
usamap + coord_map()
# See ?mapproject for coordinate systems and their parameters
usamap + coord_map(project="gilbert")
usamap + coord_map(project="lagrange")
# For most projections, you'll need to set the orientation yourself
# as the automatic selection done by mapproject is not available to
# ggplot
usamap + coord_map(project="orthographic")
usamap + coord_map(project="stereographic")
usamap + coord_map(project="conic", lat0 = 30)
usamap + coord_map(project="bonne", lat0 = 50)
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