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\title{Fortify method for classes from the sp package.}
\method{fortify}{SpatialPolygonsDataFrame} (model, data,
region = NULL, ...)
\method{fortify}{SpatialPolygons} (model, data, ...)
\method{fortify}{Polygons} (model, data, ...)
\method{fortify}{Polygon} (model, data, ...)
\method{fortify}{SpatialLinesDataFrame} (model, data,
\method{fortify}{Lines} (model, data, ...)
\method{fortify}{Line} (model, data, ...)
\item{model}{\code{SpatialPolygonsDataFrame} to convert
into a dataframe.}
\item{data}{not used by this method}
\item{region}{name of variable used to split up regions}
\item{...}{not used by this method}
To figure out the correct variable name for region,
inspect \code{}.
if (require("maptools")) {
sids <- system.file("shapes/sids.shp", package="maptools")
nc1 <- readShapePoly(sids,
proj4string = CRS("+proj=longlat +datum=NAD27"))
nc1_df <- fortify(nc1)
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