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\title{Scale for shapes, aka glyphs.}
scale_shape(..., solid = TRUE)
scale_shape_discrete(..., solid = TRUE)
\item{solid}{Are the shapes solid, \code{TRUE}, or hollow
\item{...}{common discrete scale parameters: \code{name},
\code{breaks}, \code{labels}, \code{na.value},
\code{limits} and \code{guide}. See
\code{\link{discrete_scale}} for more details}
A continuous variable can not be mapped to shape.
dsmall <- diamonds[sample(nrow(diamonds), 100), ]
(d <- qplot(carat, price, data=dsmall, shape=cut))
d + scale_shape(solid = TRUE) # the default
d + scale_shape(solid = FALSE)
d + scale_shape(name="Cut of diamond")
d + scale_shape(name="Cut of\\ndiamond")
# To change order of levels, change order of
# underlying factor
levels(dsmall$cut) <- c("Fair", "Good", "Very Good", "Premium", "Ideal")
# Need to recreate plot to pick up new data
qplot(price, carat, data=dsmall, shape=cut)
# Or for short:
d \%+\% dsmall
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