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\title{Bin data for dot plot.}
stat_bindot(mapping = NULL, data = NULL,
geom = "dotplot", position = "identity",
binwidth = NULL, origin = NULL, width = 0.9,
binaxis = "x", method = "dotdensity",
binpositions = "bygroup", drop = FALSE, right = TRUE,
na.rm = FALSE, ...)
\item{binaxis}{The axis to bin along, "x" (default) or
\item{method}{"dotdensity" (default) for dot-density
binning, or "histodot" for fixed bin widths (like
\item{binwidth}{When \code{method} is "dotdensity, this
specifies maximum bin width. When \code{method} is
"histodot", this specifies bin width. Defaults to 1/30
of the range of the data}
\item{binpositions}{When \code{method} is "dotdensity",
"bygroup" (default) determines positions of the bins for
each group separately. "all" determines positions of the
bins with all the data taken together; this is used for
aligning dot stacks across multiple groups.}
\item{origin}{When \code{method} is "histodot", origin of
first bin}
\item{right}{When \code{method} is "histodot", should
intervals be closed on the right (a, b], or not [a, b)}
\item{width}{When \code{binaxis} is "y", the spacing of
the dot stacks for dodging.}
\item{na.rm}{If \code{FALSE} (the default), removes
missing values with a warning. If \code{TRUE} silently
removes missing values.}
\item{drop}{If TRUE, remove all bins with zero counts}
\item{mapping}{The aesthetic mapping, usually constructed
with \code{\link{aes}} or \code{\link{aes_string}}. Only
needs to be set at the layer level if you are overriding
the plot defaults.}
\item{data}{A layer specific dataset - only needed if you
want to override the plot defaults.}
\item{geom}{The geometric object to use display the data}
\item{position}{The position adjustment to use for
overlappling points on this layer}
\item{...}{other arguments passed on to
\code{\link{layer}}. This can include aesthetics whose
values you want to set, not map. See \code{\link{layer}}
for more details.}
New data frame with additional columns: \item{x}{center
of each bin, if binaxis is "x"} \item{y}{center of each
bin, if binaxis is "x"} \item{binwidth}{max width of each
bin if method is "dotdensity"; width of each bin if
method is "histodot"} \item{count}{number of points in
bin} \item{ncount}{count, scaled to maximum of 1}
\item{density}{density of points in bin, scaled to
integrate to 1, if method is "histodot"}
\item{ndensity}{density, scaled to maximum of 1, if
method is "histodot"}
Missing values are currently silently dropped. If weights
are used, they must be integer values.
# See geom_dotplot for examples
See \code{\link{geom_dotplot}} for examples.
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