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GeomDensity2d <- proto(GeomPath, {
objname <- "density2d"
desc <- "Contours from a 2d density estimate"
details <- "<p>Perform a 2D kernel density estimatation using kde2d and display the results with contours.</p>"
advice <- "<p>This can be useful for dealing with overplotting.</p>"
default_stat <- function(.) StatDensity2d
default_aes <- function(.) aes(weight=1, colour="#3366FF", size = 0.5, linetype = 1)
icon <- function(.) GeomContour$icon()
seealso <- list(
geom_contour = "contour drawing geom",
stat_sum = "another way of dealing with overplotting"
examples <- function(.) {
# See stat_density2d for examples
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