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Pass additional arguments to plotmatrix() #158

jiho opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Rather than having a just "colour" argument to plotmatrix() add ... and pass it to geom_point, so that any property (not just colour) can be set. E.g.

plotmatrix(d, mapping=aes(colour=someVariable), size=1, alpha=0.7)

Changing the code to this should be enough:

plotmatrix = function (data, mapping = aes(), ...) 
    grid <- expand.grid(x = 1:ncol(data), y = 1:ncol(data))
    grid <- subset(grid, x != y)
    all <-"rbind", lapply(1:nrow(grid), function(i) {
        xcol <- grid[i, "x"]
        ycol <- grid[i, "y"]
        data.frame(xvar = names(data)[ycol], yvar = names(data)[xcol], 
            x = data[, xcol], y = data[, ycol], data)
    all$xvar <- factor(all$xvar, levels = names(data))
    all$yvar <- factor(all$yvar, levels = names(data))
    densities <-"rbind", lapply(1:ncol(data), function(i) {
        data.frame(xvar = names(data)[i], yvar = names(data)[i], 
            x = data[, i])
    mapping <- defaults(mapping, aes_string(x = "x", y = "y"))
    class(mapping) <- "uneval"
    ggplot(all, mapping) + facet_grid(xvar ~ yvar, scales = "free") + 
        geom_point(na.rm = TRUE, ...) + stat_density(aes(x = x, 
        y = ..scaled.. * diff(range(x)) + min(x)), data = densities, 
        position = "identity", colour = "grey20", geom = "line")

I'm not really willing to change plotmatrix, basically because the whole approach is pretty horrible. Have you looked at ggally?


No I didn't. It's great. Add a "deprecated" warning to plotmatrix to point to ggally?

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