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stat_density2d after ggplot2 0.9.3 update #741

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Formerly a plot similar to this simple example worked, but after updating to 0.9.3 I'm running into a warning message


m <- ggplot(geyser, aes(x = duration, y = waiting)) + geom_point() + xlim(0.5, 6) + ylim(40, 110)
m <- m + stat_density2d(aes(fill = ..level..), geom="polygon")

Warning message:
In validDetails.polygon(x) : NAs introduced by coercion

If I just use + stat_density2d() without the fill command, the lines are drawn as would be expected. It seems something breaks when I add the fill=..level.. and 'polygon' parts.

@wch wch closed this

Awesome, thanks Winston!

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