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\title{Shift an interval along the timeline}
int_shift(int, by)
\item{int}{An interval object}
\item{by}{A period or duration object}
An interval object
Shifts the start and end dates of an interval up or down
the timeline by a specified amount. Note that this may
change the exact length of the interval if the interval
is shifted by a Period object. Intervals shifted by a
Duration or difftime object will retain their exact
length in seconds.
int <- new_interval(ymd("2001-01-01"), ymd("2002-01-01"))
# 2001-01-01 UTC--2002-01-01 UTC
int_shift(int, new_duration(days = 11))
# 2001-01-12 UTC--2002-01-12 UTC
int_shift(int, new_duration(hours = -1))
# 2000-12-31 23:00:00 UTC--2001-12-31 23:00:00 UTC
\code{\link{int_flip}}, \code{\link{int_start}},
\code{\link{int_end}}, \code{\link{int_length}}
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