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\title{Get the fiscal quarter of a date-time.}
\item{x}{a date-time object of class POSIXct, POSIXlt,
Date, chron, yearmon, yearqtr, zoo, zooreg, timeDate,
xts, its, ti, jul, timeSeries, fts or anything else that
can be converted with as.POSIXlt}
numeric the fiscal quarter that the date-time occurs in
Fiscal quarters are a way of dividing the year into
fourths. The first quarter (Q1) comprises January,
February and March; the second quarter (Q2) comprises
April, May, June; the third quarter (Q3) comprises July,
August, September; the fourth quarter (Q4) October,
November, December.
x <- ymd(c("2012-03-26", "2012-05-04", "2012-09-23", "2012-12-31"))
# 1 2 3 4
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