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\title{Tests whether a date or interval falls within an interval}
a \%within\% b
\item{a}{An interval or date-time object}
\item{b}{An interval}
A logical
%within% returns TRUE if a falls within interval b, FALSE otherwise.
If a is an interval, both its start and end dates must fall within b
to return TRUE.
int <- interval(ymd("2001-01-01"), ymd("2002-01-01"))
# 2001-01-01 UTC--2002-01-01 UTC
int2 <- interval(ymd("2001-06-01"), ymd("2002-01-01"))
# 2001-06-01 UTC--2002-01-01 UTC
ymd("2001-05-03") \%within\% int # TRUE
int2 \%within\% int # TRUE
ymd("1999-01-01") \%within\% int # FALSE
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