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plyr 0.1.8 (2008-04-20) ---------------------------------------------------
* made rbind a little faster (~20%) using an idea from Richard Raubertas
* daply now works correctly when splitting variables that contain empty factor levels
plyr 0.1.7 (2008-04-15) ---------------------------------------------------
Ensure that rbind.fill copies attributes.
plyr 0.1.6 (2008-04-15) ---------------------------------------------------
* all ply functions deal more elegantly when given function names: can supply a vector of function names, and name is used as label in output
* failwith and each now work with function names as well as functions (i.e. "nrow" instead of nrow)
* each now accepts a list of functions or a vector of function names
* l*ply will use list names where present
* if .inform is TRUE, error messages will give you information about where errors within your data - hopefully this will make problems easier to track down
* massive speed ups for splitting large arrays
* fixed typo that was causing a 50% speed penalty for d*ply
* rewritten rbind.fill is considerably (> 4x) faster for many data frames
* colwise about twice as fast
Bug fixes:
* daply: now works when the data frame is split by multiple variables
* aaply: now works with vectors
* ddply: first variable now varies slowest as you'd expect
plyr 0.1.5 (2008-02-23) ---------------------------------------------------
* colwise now accepts a quoted list as its second argument. This allows you to specify the names of columns to work on: colwise(mean, .(lat, long))
* d_ply and a_ply now correctly pass ... to the function
plyr 0.1.4 (2008-12-12) ---------------------------------------------------
* Greatly improved speed (> 10x faster) and memory usage (50%) for splitting data frames with many combinations
* Splitting variables containing missing values now handled consistently
plyr 0.1.3 (2008-11-19) ---------------------------------------------------
Fixed problem where when splitting by a variable that contained missing values, missing combinations would be drop, and labels wouldn't match up
plyr 0.1.2 (2008-11-18) ---------------------------------------------------
* a*ply now works correctly with array-lists
* drop. -> .drop
* r*ply now works with ...
* use inherits instead of is so method package doesn't need to be loaded
* fix bug with using formulas
plyr 0.1.1 (2008-10-08) ---------------------------------------------------
* argument names now start with . (instead of ending with it) - this should prevent name clashes with arguments of the called function
* return informative error if .fun is not a function
* use full names in all internal calls to avoid argument name clashes
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