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\title{Graphical progress bar, powered by Tk.}
progress_tk(title = "plyr progress",
label = "Working...", ...)
\item{title}{window title}
\item{label}{progress bar label (inside window)}
\item{...}{other arguments passed on to
A graphical progress bar displayed in a Tk window
This graphical progress will appear in a separate window.
l_ply(1:100, identity, .progress = "tk")
l_ply(1:100, identity, .progress = progress_tk(width=400))
l_ply(1:100, identity, .progress = progress_tk(label=""))
\code{\link[tcltk]{tkProgressBar}} for the function that
powers this progress bar
Other progress bars: \code{\link{progress_none}},
\code{\link{progress_text}}, \code{\link{progress_win}}
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