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\title{Replicate expression and discard results.}
r_ply(.n, .expr, .progress = "none", .print = FALSE)
\item{.n}{number of times to evaluate the expression}
\item{.expr}{expression to evaluate}
\item{.progress}{name of the progress bar to use, see
\item{.print}{automatically print each result? (default:
Evalulate expression n times then discard results
This function runs an expression multiple times,
discarding the results. This function is equivalent to
\code{\link{replicate}}, but never returns anything
r_ply(10, plot(runif(50)))
r_ply(25, hist(runif(1000)))
Hadley Wickham (2011). The Split-Apply-Combine Strategy
for Data Analysis. Journal of Statistical Software,
40(1), 1-29. \url{}.
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