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wibeasley commented Jan 3, 2014

@wch, what package & version is the not() function from? This test isn't passing on my two machines. My libraries are up-to-date with CRAN, but I'm thinking this is using a development version of some package?

test_that("revalue and mapvalues respect warn_missing", {
  # revalue
  expect_that(revalue("a", c("a"="A")), not(shows_message()))
  expect_that(revalue("a", c("b"="B"), warn_missing=TRUE), shows_message())
  expect_that(revalue("a", c("b"="B"), warn_missing=FALSE), not(shows_message()))

  # mapvalues
  expect_that(mapvalues("a", "a", "A"), not(shows_message()))
  expect_that(mapvalues("a", "b", "B", warn_missing=TRUE), shows_message())
  expect_that(mapvalues("a", "b", "B", warn_missing=FALSE), not(shows_message()))

  # mapvalues with factors
  expect_that(mapvalues(factor("a"), "a", "A"), not(shows_message()))
  expect_that(mapvalues(factor("a"), "b", "B", warn_missing=TRUE), shows_message())
  expect_that(mapvalues(factor("a"), "b", "B", warn_missing=FALSE), not(shows_message()))

hadley commented Jan 3, 2014

It's the dev version of testthat


wibeasley commented Jan 3, 2014

Great. Thanks.

wibeasley closed this Jan 3, 2014

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