Rename should (optionally) warn about mismatching keys #46

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From Tim Bates:

#   x y
# 1 1 1
# 2 2 2

rename(a, c(x= "y"))
# might be nice to warn the user they just duplicated a column name (if they ask for warnings)

rename(a, c(foo= "y"))
# might be nice to warn the user that nothing happened

just commenting to watch... still desirable feature


This code will check for names not being present in the original data, names being set more than once, and columns being set to the same value

rename <- function (x, replace) {
old_names <- names(x)
names_to_replace <- names(replace)
new_names_to_try <- unname(replace)

if(!all(names_to_replace %in% old_names)) {
warning("The following names did not appear in the dataframe:", paste(replace[!replace %in% old_names], collapse=","), "\nperhaps you already updated them")

if(anyDuplicated(names_to_replace)) {
err <- paste("You are trying to update the following names more than once:",
paste(names_to_replace[duplicated(names_to_replace)], collapse=""))

if(anyDuplicated(new_names_to_try)) {
err <- paste("You have the following duplicates in your replace list:",
paste(new_names_to_try[duplicated(new_names_to_try)], collapse=""))

new_names <- unname(replace)[match(old_names, names(replace))]

setNames(x, ifelse(, old_names, new_names))

Here are some test cases

x <- c("a" = 1, "b" = 2, d = 3, 4)
rename(x, replace=c("d" = "c"))
rename(x, replace=c("e" = "c"))
rename(x, replace=c("a" = "c","d" = "c"))
rename(x, replace=c("a" = "c","a" = "c"))


Fixed in #75.

@hadley hadley closed this Oct 5, 2012
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