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\title{Parse Rprof output.}
parse_rprof(path, interval = 0.02)
\item{path}{path to \code{\link{Rprof}} output}
\item{interval}{real-time interval between samples (in seconds)}
\code{\link{data.frame}} of class \code{profr}
Parses the output of \code{\link{Rprof}} into an alternative format
described in \code{\link{profr}}. This produces a flat data frame, which is
somewhat easier to summarise and visualise.
nesting_ex <- system.file("samples", "nesting.rprof", package="profr")
nesting <- parse_rprof(nesting_ex)
reshape_ex <- system.file("samples", "reshape.rprof", package="profr")
diamonds <- parse_rprof(reshape_ex)
\code{\link{profr}} for profiling and parsing