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R Packages

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This repo holds the code and text behind the R Packages book. The site is built with Quarto.

  • The first edition is no longer available online.
  • A second edition is under development and available at

Status as of 2022-07: Work on a second edition is full swing, with publication expected in early 2023. Issues and PRs are welcome, but please bear in mind that sometimes we need to make large, systematic changes ourselves, which can clobber smaller, external PRs.

Notes on mechanics

Screenshots: use include_graphics(), chunk should have output.width = NULL.

Quarto callouts look like this:

::: callout-tip
Here's a super handy nifty thing!

At the time of writing (2022-08-31), we use callout-tip, callout-warning, callout-note, and callout-important. The XXX of callout-XXX is its type and controls the icon and color:

  • -tip green
  • -warning orange
  • -note blue
  • -important red

Use a ##-level header to caption the callout.

Do this for tips specific to RStudio:

::: callout-tip
## RStudio
Here's a super handy nifty thing about RStudio specifically.

The other callout that appears multiple times is:

::: callout-warning
## Submitting to CRAN
Here's something to super careful about.