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\title{Melt a list by recursively melting each component.}
\method{melt}{list}(data, ..., level = 1)
\item{data}{list to recursively melt}
\item{...}{further arguments passed to or from other methods.}
\item{level}{list level - used for creating labels}
Melt a list by recursively melting each component.
a <- as.list(c(1:4, NA))
names(a) <- letters[1:4]
a <- list(matrix(1:4, ncol=2), matrix(1:6, ncol=2))
a <- list(matrix(1:4, ncol=2), array(1:27, c(3,3,3)))
melt(list(1:5, matrix(1:4, ncol=2)))
melt(list(list(1:3), 1, list(as.list(3:4), as.list(1:2))))
Other melt.methods: \code{\link{melt.array}},
\code{\link{melt.matrix}}, \code{\link{melt.table}};
\code{\link{melt.data.frame}}; \code{\link{melt.default}}